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by: Jessica Hunter


Today feels different.

Something in your life has changed, and you can tell that it’s time to try something new. You’re not sure what that new thing is yet, but you know you’ll have to venture from your regular stores to find it. “It’s time for a healthy shift,” you think to yourself.

You look up your nearest local health store, put aside your mild anxiety at trying new places, and courageously start your journey into this new unknown. You arrive to the quirky yet quaint little shop and notice hints of rosewood oil and sage incense. Your senses literally become flooded with stimulation as you take in the colorful packaging, exotic smells and the plethora of foreign (to you) natural supplements and remedies.

You stop upon the “Emotional Wellness” section and think to yourself, “Well, who couldn’t use that?”  Your eyes scan across a pleasing row of simple white boxes with colorful images of fruits and flowers. You become most intrigued at one particular remedy entitled Emotional Detox.

(Image source: @muse.wellness)

You wander through the aisles gazing at the many other items in the store and then think to yourself, “Just keep it simple…this will be your one treat to yourself today to see if there’s more to this healthy shift idea…”

You arrive home, proud of the new territory you have conquered and eager to begin your new regimen. As the box indicates, you take the spray right before bed. You continue on this process, 3 nights a week, for a few weeks. The shift you experience is unimaginable.

After the first night, your dreams become more vivid than they have been in years. By morning two, you feel a sense of deep relaxation and a calm that lasts through most of the day. The third morning you feel fully revitalized and at ease. As the weeks go by, you feel as if you have hit the “reset” button on your life. Colors are brighter; your mood is more even and light; your stress levels are much more manageable; and you have a renewed sense of motivation.

You think to yourself, “I don’t know how this stuff works, but this shift was just what I needed.”




Shift happens.

Xo, Siddha Flower Essences