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Our Perspective

1. Nature. ¬†Our own nature and the nature that surrounds us is constantly giving us all the clues we need to be our best self. ¬†It has been said that true freedom is knowing one’s place in the universe. ¬†By keeping the lines of communication with ourselves and the world around us open, inevitably¬†we must¬†realize our natural and awake state.


2. Presence. ¬†Nature’s gift to us. ¬†Why waste our prime years planning for the future and the remaining years thinking about the past? ¬†Let’s¬†live¬†in the present moment. ¬†In the process we are guaranteed to learn so much and life is bound to be a grand adventure.


3. Physical & Emotional Wellness‚ĄĘ.¬† One of the main ways to be¬†happy is to be¬†healthy.¬† By taking informed action about the food we eat, the exercise we give our bodies, the information we feed our minds, and the spiritual sustenance¬†with which we nourish our soul, we stay physically & emotionally well.


4. Our mind is a powerful instrument…and fortunately so is our heart.  If we can corral the wild horse of the mind and train it to do what we want then we are highly evolved.  If we are able to inform a tamed mind via the heart then we are a powerful force for God, Source, or whatever one wants to call the wellspring of creation.


5. Playfulness.  Taking ourselves too seriously is overrated and stressful.  In a lot of ways young kids have it made.  If we can maintain a connection to that childlike moment by moment freedom and no strings attached curiosity, we’ll be better for it.


6. We seek to be responsible adults.¬† A sense of playfulness does not mean we have not aged ūüôā As adults we are responsible to ourselves, to our fellow travelers¬†and our planet.¬† Being a responsible adult is a tall order.¬† It means being able to hear and follow our truth. Doing our own listening, evaluating, deciding and acting takes courage.¬† Going with the flow and staying asleep does not require as much.¬† If we take charge of our own life¬†and see challenges as opportunities for growth then we are being responsible adults.¬† And if we are able to go beyond that and flourish, well then, we have given ourselves, our families, and the world as a whole the greatest gift we can offer.¬† We have figured out how to choose love instead of¬†fear.


7.  The world and all its inhabitants are a reflection of us.  It is much easier to blame the enemy du joir, whether it be a real or imagined terrorist on the news, our neighbor, or our significant other.  When we look into ourselves and see where we hold the afflictive emotion and do our best to resolve it, we are taking paradigm shifting steps which will result in less suffering for all involved.


8.  Pursuit of Passion.  Purpose is also a big part of happiness.  Finding a way to express our unique being is easy for some and more difficult for others.  No matter what it seems like a big piece of the puzzle for all of us.


9. Harmony and Balance.¬† Some of us are extreme and others moderate, some are simple and others complex.¬† All of us who want ‚Äúour life to be our art‚ÄĚ must find a balance and apply discipline along the way. ¬†With the ability to balance and harmonize¬†greater degrees of grounding and accession are simultaneously possible.


 10. Doing our best is enough.  We are human.  As such, we are meant to learn from our imperfections and relationships with others.  Most of us have long ingrained patterns, some of which we are barely even conscious of, to unravel.  All we can do is our best and be grateful that we have an opportunity to do better and better as we learn more about ourselves.