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Our Team

Meet The Team

  • Stan Deland


    Stan Deland graduated college and joined the Marine Corps in 2000. As an infantry Platoon Commander, he led 60 Marines from Kuwait to Baghdad during the initial invasion of Iraq. A year later he returned to the Middle East as second in command of an Infantry Company that swelled to 260 Marines for the November O4 assault through Fallujah. Shortly after returning to the States from Fallujah, he began using  Emotional Detox. It is because of the remarkable direct experience with these products that Stan founded Siddha.
  • Fred Rubenfeld


    Fred began his professional journey working in a metal foundry in Brooklyn in his early 20s.  After that he owned an apothecary Manhattan's West Village,  In 1987 he bought Pegasus Products and moved to Colorado.  He still owns and operates Pegasus.  Stan and Fred are glad they get to work together and support each other in their respective endeavors.  Working with flower essences and gems for some 40 years, Fred brings a lot of experience, expertise, and love to these formulations.
  • Jessica Hunter

    Creative Developer

    Jessica discovered her love for alternative healing during her college years, as her undergraduate studies focusing on Eastern Philosophy coincided with her introductions into Yoga and Meditation. She found great success from a handful of homeopathic remedies over these years, and first tried flower essences in 2013. The shift she experienced was life changing. She has found a great fit with Siddha Flower Essences, where she is able to share her love for natural healing and help bring a greater quality of life to others. In her free time, Jessica is also a multitalented artist, focusing primarily on jewelry design and mixed media art.