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How Homeopathics Work

How Homeopathic Remedies Work

Western medicine and herbs treat the chemical portion of the nervous system. In all Eastern traditions, the electrical is primary to the chemical and typically viewed as more important. Siddha Homeopathic products work on the electrical portion of the nervous system.

The Nervous System
  • The nervous system is composed of nerve cells (neurons), which conduct information via an electrochemical system.
  • The brain issues orders that are sent through the nervous system to be carried out by the organs and tissues of the body.
  • An electrical charge travels from one end of a neuron to the other and triggers a chemical release of neurotransmitters into the space between nerve cells.
  • If enough of these neurotransmitters are released, the next neuron in the chain ignites and this electrical charge travels from nerve cell to nerve cell in this manner.
  • This creates subtle electromagnetic fields around the chain of nerve cells, known as meridians in acupuncture.
External Imbalance and Internal Stress
  • Trauma, infectious disease, nutritional deficiency, toxin exposure, etc., are some of the external causes of imbalance. These imbalances impair the ability of the nervous system to provide healthy directions and impair the ability of the body to carry out these directions.
  • Emotional distress, mistaken beliefs, judgments, and traumatic memories are internal causes of imbalance, aka stress.
  • Internal stress generates aberrations, restrictions, variations or blockages of the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that dramatically impact neural function.
  • These EMF blockages have a profound impact on the functioning of the whole body because of their proximity to the central nervous system, the core operating system of the body.
Siddha Homeopathics
  • Flower essences, cell salts and depending on the remedy a few other homeopathic ingredients are captured in the medium of water using traditional homeopathic manufacturing techniques.  These ingredients have been shown over many years of use to resolve specific kinds of stress.
Resolution of Stress
  • These electromagnetic blockages, depicted as the green wave, can be understood as minute interference waves that prevent smooth electrical transmission.
  • The green wave can be neutralized by the corresponding opposite blue wave.
Restoration of Health
  • When Siddha remedies are introduced into the body, the nervous system is exposed to a combination of homeopathic ingredients that act as the resolution for the obstructed field.
  • This smoothes out the electromagnetic fields, eases electrical transmission and reduces interference or stress.